Savin CLP1620 Toner Cartridges

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  • CLP1620
Savin CLP1620 Toner Cartridges

Savin CLP1620 Printer Review

It wasn't that many years ago that color laser printers were expensive and out of reach for most budgets. The Savin CLP1620 is a perfect example of how rapidly technology can improve while prices steadily come down. It is a very affordable and compact machine that can fit into home or small office environments, but it still provides speeds of up to 20 pages per minute for black and 16 for color. Users may find the cost of replacing Savin CLP1620 printer toner to be a bit high, however.

Essentially, the CLP1620 is designed for the types of users who don't have the space or budget for a bulky, expensive machine, but still want the higher quality. IT can output documents at up to 1200x1200 dpi, but lower settings are available when faster speeds are a priority, or when users wish to save the usage of Savin CLP1620 toner.

The price of Savin CLP1620 toner cartridge replacements is one of the unit's major downsides. While the Savin CLP1620 toner cartridges are fairly affordable and have capacities of 5,000 pages each, the cost of replacing four of them might be more than a small office budget can withstand. The toners are easy to access from a top panel, however, which is a plus.

Small offices have the tendency to grow into larger offices, and the CLP1620 is ready to adapt when necessary. Its initial input paper capacity of 530 sheets and a bypass tray of 100 sheets can be expanded to a maximum of 1,690 sheets when printing volumes are on the rise. Options for additional memory, an internal hard drive, and even wireless support will also help it adapt to future demands.

While the Savin CLP1620 might be a bit limited on output speed, it has the high quality users want at an upfront price that is very affordable. Buyers should be aware of potentially high running costs, however.