Savin 9927DP Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Savin Models:

  • 9927
  • 9927DP
Savin 9927DP Toner Cartridges

Savin 9927DP Printer Review

Starting as a digital laser copier, the Savin 9927dp can be expanded to include printing, scanning, and faxing features as well. Its speed is limited to 27 pages per minute, and its 600 dpi resolution isn't overly impressive, but low-cost Savin 9927dp printer toner makes it worth a look for budget-conscious users.

When upgraded a bit, the 9927dp is a good fit for a digital workflow. For example, its PC-Faxing feature sends and receives faxes to and from a PC on the network, eliminating a lot of extra paper and replacement toners. It can also be equipped with network scanning, so that scanned documents are saved straight to a network location instead of being printed.

The control panel of the 9927dp might be intimidating for novice users, but most of its many buttons are actually dedicated to quick-dial locations. Its small monochrome LCD screen isn't as impressive as devices with a touchscreen interface, but it does an adequate job of relaying information. Administrators can even take advantage of the embedded web server to monitor the device remotely right from a web browser, without the need for specialized software.

Users shouldn't expect the highest quality output, with the limitation of only a 600 dpi resolution. The real appeal comes from the surprisingly low cost of Savin 9927dp toner cartridges, however. With a simple cylindrical design and a yield of up to 11,000 pages for each Savin 9927dp toner cartridge, a busy office can seriously trim their operating expenses. Seeking out remanufactured Savin 9927dp toner at lower prices than OEM supplies will save even more.

The 9927dp has a few features like automatic duplexing and solid network management that are worth noting, but its slow speeds and 600 dpi output are unimpressive. Buyers on a budget may appreciate its affordable supplies, however.