Savin 9922DP Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Savin Models:

  • 9922
  • 9922DP
Savin 9922DP Toner Cartridges

Savin 9922DP Printer Review

With the option to print, copy, fax, and scan in a single device, the Savin 9922dp laser copier is certainly appealing. Its speed of up to 22 pages per minute could be a little better, though, and it is bulkier than many similar models on the market. All of this might be offset by savings on Savin 9922dp printer toner, however, making it a very cost-effective machine to operate.

The 9922dp is a little on the bulky side, measuring 28x21.7x22.8 inches in its standard configuration without any of the numerous upgrades available. The basic machine comes with only copying capabilities, but print, fax, and scan modules can be added for additional functionality.

The unit has duplexing included from the start, and it connects directly to a network via ethernet port. Once properly set up, administrators can monitor the unit from within the office or even log into the embedded web server remotely, which allows them to track usage, change security settings, and even monitor the level of Savin 9922dp toner remaining.

One of the more unique features of the 9922dp is the option for PC-Fax, which lets users send and receive faxes to and from their computer. This can reduce the cost of both paper and replacement toners, as it eliminates the need to print every fax.

For all of its shortcomings, the low cost of Savin 9922dp toner cartridges might be its most appealing feature. With large capacities of up to 11,000 pages, each Savin 9922dp toner cartridge will go a long time between replacements, resulting in a very low cost per page.

The Savin 9922dp certainly doesn't have the speed or even the output quality of some of its competitors, giving it a major disadvantage. Factoring in its modular design, which lets users choose the features they need most, and its low operating costs, it could be a good value for an office on a budget.