Samsung ML-6060 Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Samsung Models:

  • ML-6060
  • ML-6060N
  • ML-6060S
Samsung ML-6060 Toner Cartridges

Samsung ML-6060 Printer Review

The Samsung ML-6060 laser printer is designed for the home or small office user. It has great paper capacity, easily replaceable empty toner cartridges and decent print speeds, but its print quality is seriously lacking.

The Samsung ML-6060 laser printer seems to sit on the line between a personal laser and a larger office printer. It is larger than a typical personal laser, but not necessarily bulky. One of the main benefits of this extra size seems to be its paper capacity. The ML-6060 can hold 550 sheets in its main tray and an additional 100 sheets in its multipurpose tray. The multipurpose tray can be a real blessing for users who use a lot of alternative paper types, as it keeps users from having to empty the main drawer every time they load another type of paper.

The Samsung ML-6060 toner cartridges have a capacity of around 6,000 pages. Using the Toner Save mode can push this number up even higher, reducing per-page costs, and often saving quite a bit of money over the lifetime of the unit. The laser toner cartridge is easy to install and has a higher capacity than other printer toner cartridges in its class. Users who are considering a color model should note that the black Samsung CLP-300 toner cartridge has a similar per-page cost, but adds color printing capability.

The unit can connect by USB or parallel port. There is an ethernet networking upgrade option, but it is a bit expensive. The ML-6060N model includes networking, and the ML-6060S adds extra paper capacity. Users wishing to share the ML-6060 across a network may wish to use a host computer or print server rather than purchasing the more expensive upgrade.

Print quality is where it really disappoints. Text tends to be fairly sharp, but comes out much lighter than average. Using Toner Save mode makes some text nearly unreadable. Smaller fonts are particularly poor, as some small lines show gaps and other flaws. Print speed is around 12 pages per minute, which should be fast enough for most personal users.

Overall, the Samsung ML-6060 would be a very solid choice if not for its poor print quality. Its excellent paper capacity and good speeds can't outweigh its flawed output.