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The Ricoh ink cartridge is admittedly not the first thing one thinks of when they think of the Ricoh company. But if you own a Ricoh inkjet printer, you will indeed require Ricoh printer ink, which the company (of course) does produce.

The Ricoh Company was founded back in 1936. The interesting thing about the company's founding is it wasn't founded by a single person (or even a pair of people). It was founded by the RIKEN zaibatsu (RIKEN being a science institute, and zaibatsu being a financial conglomerate.) The company currently has a foothold in more than 180 countries, and produces a wide-range of technological products.

The company is best known for its advances in the camera and film industry, and, of course, for more recent forays into digital photography. But printers have always been something the company has produced, both under their own name, and for other companies (Ricoh was a manufacturer of Pitney Bowes copiers for years.)

Ricoh's best known line of inkjet printers features GelSprinter, which is the company's environmentally-friendly effort to combine the quality of inkjet printing with the speed of laser technology. It utilizes a fast-drying gel ink, which will not run, even if it gets wet. Of course, like every other printer manufacturer, Ricoh inkjet cartridges are proprietary to these printers. But unlike some other brands, Ricoh printer ink is not something that every office supply store carries.

This is why an online source for Ricoh ink cartridges makes sense. Ink Technologies carries a full line of Ricoh inkjet cartridges, both OEM and refilled/recycled. In fact, we sell the latter at deep discounts, and fully guarantee them as well. We have fast shipping, and the best guarantee in the business, all backed by our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Simply use the handy search tool above to find the exact Ricoh inkjet cartridge you need.