Privacy Policy

InkTech AKA Ink Technologies ("website", "we", "our", or "us") respects the User's ("your", "the customer") privacy and recognizes your right to protection of all personal information you share with us, including your name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.

Our bottom-line privacy policy: we never sell, rent, or distribute your e-mail address or other information with anyone, or use your information for any reason outside of Our Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.

You are welcome to visit anonymously. We do not directly link your IP address to any personally identifiable information while shopping. Personal information is only collected if you place an order or enroll in the Ink Technologies Rewards Program.

Limited information gathering

Like most commercial web sites, uses cookies so we can better serve you with tailored information. Cookies are small text identifiers sent to your computer to facilitate optimal customer experience and subsequent visits. Most browsers let you define preferences to notify you when you are sent cookies and let you decide whether to accept or reject them. Virtually all browsers let you remove cookies from your computer.

Cookies cannot retrieve information from your computer, spread viruses, or capture your email address. Ink Technologies uses cookies responsibly; our cookies are never spyware; nor are they used in any malicious manner. We, specifically, use them to assist in our remarketing and ad campaigns to display relevant ads across the Internet and when you return to - when you create an account and log-in, to maintain a shopping session.


Ink Technologies does not sell or distribute any personal identifying information about your shopping experience without expressed consent on the part of the user. We do not serve any advertisements for other products or companies, from our site; nor will we contact you on behalf of any other company. We participate in Google's trusted remarketing program, which helps target ads, across the Internet, to your relevant shopping interests.

If you do not feel comfortable being part of Google's remarketing program, you can opt out of Google's 'use of cookies' by visiting their Ads Preferences Manager. Alternatively, you can opt out of any third-party vendor's 'use of cookies' by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


Ink Technologies takes all appropriate and reasonable steps to protect all information you share with us from unauthorized access or disclosure. No credit card information is stored in our online databases. Our servers are also stored in a secure facility to ensure against unauthorized access.

We take credit card security seriously, and we have partnered with one of the most trusted vendors in the world to safely and securely store your credit card information for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. For additional security and peace of mind, we offer the use of PayPal when checking out.

We maintain administrative and technical safeguards to provide a secure checkout and shopping experience. We use industry standards to ensure that your information cannot easily be picked up by someone attempting malicious activities. This includes but is not limited to: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification, HTTPS during the login and checkout processes, collecting credit card expiration, collecting credit card security codes, and collecting the billing address associated with the card. If there is a problem with your credit card information, we will use the billing information to contact you to resolve the issue.

However, no online website, database, or computer system is completely secure. Nor is any "hacker proof". As a consumer, you are responsible for ensuring that you have taken reasonable steps to educate yourself and protect your personal information against unauthorized disclosure or misuse. Please contact us immediately if you think your personal information has become compromised.

When you enter any personal, identifying information on, you are expressing consent that you have legal right to use the email address, billing information, shipping information, and credit card information entered. When you place an order by phone, you provide your consent to give us your personal information by phone. Our administrative and sales teams are trained to handle your information in a secure and discrete manner in accordance with industry standards.

Privacy and Email Communication

From time to time, Ink Technologies will send you an email for various purposes. We try to keep all emails sent to you to a minimum. However, in the event that we need to contact you, these emails are of two different types: transactional and marketing. Transactional emails include, but are not limited to: order confirmation, tracking updates, contact form confirmations, product return (RMA) confirmations, cart abandonment facilitation, and product review requests. If you enroll in the Ink Technologies Rewards program, you agree to receive transactional emails related to the program. These emails include, but are not limited to: point redemption receipts, referral success notices, and expiration notices. Marketing emails include a monthly coupon and newsletter email. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll make sure there's a valid unsubscribe link in everything we send by mass email.

By creating an account on the InkTechnologies site, you agree to receive at least one monthly newsletter. This can be unsubscribed from at any time. By signing up for our mailing list, you may or may not receive an immediate coupon from us, depending on the promotion available at the time. We also reserve the right to contact you directly in the event of a problem with your order. Again, we will not and never have sold or rented email addresses to any third party.


Ink Technologies is committed to the principles of individual privacy and online security. Please contact us with any questions or comments regarding these policies.