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The Pitney Bowes ink cartridge is just one part of a long line of technological offerings by the Pitney Bowes Company. They've been around for nearly a century, when, in 1902, Arthur Pitney patented a postage stamping machine with double-locking features that had to be cranked by hand. A few years later, Mr. Pitney met Walter Bowes, who also created a postal-service themed machine. His machine cancelled stamps.

After meeting, the two decided to combine their machines into a new prototype that could apply stamps, cancel stamps, mark shipments, and even track payments. As you can probably guess, this machine was a hit with the US Postal service, and put Pitney Bowes Meter Company on the map (although Pitney Bowes printer ink was a long way off!)

However, the company has always kept its finger in current technology, which has led to Pitney Bowes being amongst the most stable around – it's been listed on the Standard and Poor 500 (S+P 500) list since its inception (one of only 87 companies that can make that claim). The company also has a long history of diversity. In the 1940's the company president (Walter H. Wheeler, Jr.) boycotted a hotel chain when they refused to register a black salesperson. This was a fairly bold move for the time period, and reflected the company's attitude towards fairness and diversity.

Over the years, the company kept its finger on technology, getting involved with cell phones, printers, computers, and similar. This, of course, led to the manufacture of the Pitney Bowes ink cartridge for their line of inkjet printers. True to their roots, they are a major supplier of inkjet postal printers and meters, meaning the US Postal Service uses quite a few Pitney Bowes inkjet cartridges. But this also means that Pitney Bowes printer ink may not be available in smaller stores, as it's not a major consumer brand, but more of a commercial one.

Here at Ink Technologies, we carry a full line of Pitney Bowes ink cartridges, both in OEM configuration, and also in refilled/recycled cartridges, which are sold at a deep discount. And like everything else we sell, each Pitney Bowes inkjet cartridge is fully guaranteed, so you know they will work. Plus we have fast shipping, and the peace of mind that being an A+ Better Business Bureau member brings. Just use the robust search tool above to get started.