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Okidata toner cartridges (which can also be known as Oki Data toner cartridges, or even simply Oki toner cartridges) are all available here at Ink Technologies. Simply use the search tool below to find the exact Okidata toner cartridge you need. We'll ship it right out to you, and fully guarantee it as well.

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Let's get this out of the way – if you are searching for Okidata toner cartridges, Oki Data Toner Cartridges, or an Oki toner cartridge, you are searching for the exact same thing. All three names are used just about equally (and we admit, it can be both confusing and simple at the same time.)

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd has been around since 1881, when it was founded by Kibataro Oki in Japan (we always like seeing how company names came to be – in this case, it's pretty obvious). Right away, the company made a splash, manufacturing Japan's first telephone. They've continually had their hand in all manner of telecomm and electronic equipment, and today, the company has offices in more than 130 countries. They also have several named divisions, which is where the naming confusion likely comes in. Their printers (which they've been making since the 1950's) are made under the name Oki Data, but marketed simply under the OKI name. This means you can ask someone "can you get me some Okidata laser toner?", and that person might look for OKI toner cartridges (or Okidata printer toner).

But again, it's all the same, and from this point forward, we'll call it Okidata toner. We're all about simple!

Okidata is a major player in new printer technology. During the 1950's, Okidata, introduced the first printer capable of printing 2500 Kanji (Japanese characters), which made these new printing technologies a viable choice for character-based languages. Today, Okidata leads the industry in LED printing technology. The neat thing about this is there are fewer moving parts than a typical laser printer (which needs a system of aligned mirrors to reflect light and fuse the toner to the page. LED uses no mirrors, and this lack of needing alignment improves image quality, as an array of LED lights fuses the Okidata laser toner directly to the document.)

Regardless of the type of model of Okidata toner cartridge you need, Ink Technologies has it in stock, whether you want the OEM version or a recycled / compatible cartridge (which is guaranteed to work). We discount everything deeply, offer you a robust search tool, and also have superfast delivery. And how about a guarantee? We have that as well. Take a look at our search feature above to find a wide array of Okidata toner cartridges. And as always, we thank you for reading, and for using Ink Technologies (rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau).