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Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Lexmark ink cartridges are fully stocked and ready to ship to you, at the lowest prices you can find online. In fact, we'll ship them same day, all with a full money-back guarantee. Just use the search tool below to find exactly what you need.

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Lexmark Ink Cartridges
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    Lexmark P915 Ink Cartridges Lexmark Pro202 Ink | Prospect Pro202 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro205 Ink | Prospect Pro205 Ink Cartridge
    Lexmark Pro206 Ink | Prospect Pro206 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro207 Ink | Prospect Pro207 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro701 Ink | Prevail Pro701 Ink Cartridge
    Lexmark Pro702 Ink | Prevail Pro702 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro703 Ink | Prevail Pro703 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro705 Ink | Prevail Pro705 Ink Cartridge
    Lexmark Pro706 Ink | Prevail Pro706 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro715 Ink Cartridges Lexmark Pro802 Ink | Prestige Pro802 Ink Cartridge
    Lexmark Pro803 Ink | Prestige Pro803 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro805 Ink | Prestige Pro805 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro901 Ink | Pinnacle Pro901 Ink Cartridge
    Lexmark Pro902 Ink | Platinum Pro902 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro903 Ink | Platinum Pro903 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro904 Ink | Platinum Pro904 Ink Cartridge
    Lexmark Pro905 Ink | Platinum Pro905 Ink Cartridge Lexmark Pro915 Ink Cartridges Lexmark S300 Ink | Impact S300 Ink Cartridge
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    Lexmark Ink Cartridges

    Seen by many as an "upscale" printer, Lexmark has been manufacturing inkjet printers since they were created as an IBM offshoot company in 1991. In fact, their printers (along with Lexmark ink cartridges) fill that void nicely for IBM, and some other brands as well (Dell, amongst others.)

    While other companies tend to branch off wildly into other technologies and industries, Lexmark has remained in and around the printer and document management/imaging industry. This has made them stand out as a "printer expert" amongst tech companies, with some rather fine printers bearing the name Lexmark. Printer ink is also something the company does well, as a printer is only as good as its ink.

    One interesting aspect is the company uses thermal inkjet technology to transfer the ink onto paper (the "thermal" meaning heat) – when a color is called for, a tiny heating element forms a bubble (via vaporization), propelling a tiny amount of ink in the precise spot.

    A Lexmark inkjet cartridge also comes two ways, depending on your printer model. While black is always its own cartridge, some printer models take an "all in one" Lexmark ink cartridge for the colors, and other models separate the colors into individual cartridges. Which you need will be dependent on your model number.

    Here at Ink Technologies, the cartridges are also available in OEM or recycled form. Both the OEM Lexmark inkjet cartridges and the generic recycled cartridges are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The difference is in the label, and the price – the generic Lexmark printer ink is heavily discounted. But regardless of which you prefer, we're sure to have them in stock.

    To find the exact Lexmark ink cartridge you need, just use the search tool above. We'll get your order out to you fast, and guarantee your satisfaction. We stand behind everything we sell, as evidenced by our A+ Better Business bureau rating.

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