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Lexmark 1000 Ink Cartridge

Premium Remanufactured Ink Cartridges for the Lexmark  1000

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Lexmark #80 Ink Cartridge - Lexmark Remanufactured (Color)
Lexmark #80 Color - Remanufactured, 275 page yield.
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Compatible Ink Cartridges for the Lexmark 1000

Lexmark #80 Ink Cartridge - Lexmark Remanufactured (Color)

Lexmark #80 Ink Cartridge - Lexmark Remanufactured (Color)

Product Average Rating
(1 Reviews)

Remanufactured Lexmark Ink Cartridge, Color, 275 page yield. Single cartridge contains Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink. Replaces Lexmark part number: Lexmark #80, 12A1980. Ink Cartridge compatible with Lexmark 1000.

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Lexmark 1000 Printer Review

When it comes to low-budget, mediocre printers, the options are limitless. Every manufacturer produces the most basic models with few features and only one function at an affordable price. The Lexmark 1000 is one of these inkjet printers. It does not have impressive speeds or quality, but the final products will usually suffice. It does not provide the convenience of printing lab-quality photos at home, but it will be able to create decent pictures that may work hidden in a frame.

The 1000 was clearly designed to be a personal printer as it is not equipped from office use. It has two Lexmark 1000 ink cartridges, one black and the other tricolor, which consist of cyan, magenta and yellow printer ink. Having separate tanks for each color would have prevented some waste, but thanks to remanufactured Lexmark 1000 ink cartridges, getting replacements will not be that painful after all.

Using the Lexmark 1000 ink, this unit can reach resolutions ranging from 600 dpi–1200 dpi depending on the color schemes and complexity of the image. The quality certainly isn't the best, but it will suffice for most standard print jobs. When using the tricolor Lexmark 1000 ink, about 1-3 pages can be printed per minute while the black printer ink can produce 4-6 pages per minute.

Software is provided by Lexmark that will help users, especially beginners, better understand enhancing and editing prints. Not only that, it provides templates for creative features, such as designing t-shirt art and making greeting cards. The input and output tray fold in and out so when not in use, the Lexmark 1000 takes up minimal space. It weighs less than 10 pounds and has a small frame, making it relatively mobile for college students or travelers. Overall, the Lexmark 100 is a solid inkjet printer.