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The Lanier toner cartridge is not exactly falling off the shelves of local office supply stores. That's because Lanier is not the largest consumer brand of printer (this is why it's good that you're shopping at Ink Technologies, where we carry all the Lanier printer toner you'll ever need.)

Lanier is a subsidiary of the Ricoh Corporation of Japan, and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Actually, both the Lanier and the Gestetner Corporation are printer manufacturers that are subsidiaries of Ricoh (and the Lanier brand is the one that will continue on... more on that in a second).

The company began life in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 1900's by three Lanier brothers (so you see where the name came from). They began distributing dictation machines, and also began mass producing Thomas Edison's Ediphone, which put the company on the map. When WWII began, however, production went down tremendously and the company was forced to begin producing apparel (you know we end up with Lanier laser toner in this short article, so you can imagine what a stretch producing apparel was.) When the war ended, dictation machines were again being produced, and in 1955 Lanier made a major turn for their company—they began producing and distributing copiers, and the Lanier printer toner for such.

In 2001, the company was purchased by Ricoh. By 2002, they had monopolized the market for document management systems for healthcare organizations. These systems include encryption features that ensure faxing and copying of patient health records is secured. The company was also producing printers, along with other Ricoh subsidiary Gestetner. However, in recent years, Gestetner is being phased out, and their dealerships turned to Lanier.

Printer toner is needed for these machines, and Ink Technologies answers the call. We have a full stock of Lanier toner cartridges, both in OEM branding, and refilled / remanufactured styles as well. In fact, the latter are sold at huge discounts, and represent an excellent value (as they are fully guaranteed). We'll also ship them to you fast, and offer an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for your peace of mind. Simply use the search tool above to find the exact Lanier toner cartridge you need.