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Compatible Konica Minolta Models:

  • 9715
  • 9715 MFP
Konica Minolta 9715 Toner, Fax 9715 Toner Cartridges

Konica Minolta 9715 Printer Review


The Konica-Minolta Fax 9715 (also referred to as the 9715FP) is a dedicated laser fax machine that can also operate as a printer and scanner. It can quickly scan and send a large number of pages at once, making it perfect for busy office environments that work at a fast pace. The machine is very affordable, and the cost of printer toner is also low, thanks to low-cost Konica-Minolta 9715 toner.

Using a fax machine doesn't have to be a complicated endeavor and the 9715 has a number of features designed to make it as easy as possible. It includes a number of quick-access buttons for storing the most frequently used numbers. Faxes can then be sent with only one button press. It also stores even more numbers within the menu, making it easy to access those numbers less frequently faxed. When connected directly to a computer, it can operate as a basic printer and scanner for even more uses.

When it comes to toners, buyers will be glad to know that Konica-Minolta 9715 toner cartridges are some of the most affordable in its class. In fact, the large capacity of Fax 9715 toner cartridges makes them one of the most cost-effective in its class. Compatible Fax 9715 toner is even available for users who want to save even more.

Compared to other models in its class, the 9715 has an advantage over other designs in the fact that it can operate as a printer and scanner. It also has faster transmission speeds than some models at a similar price range, and the lower cost of Konica-Minolta 9715 toner is a distinct advantage when it comes to operating costs.

Overall, the Konica-Minolta 9715 is a very capable machine that has a few nice bonus features as well. Its affordable price makes it a very good choice for budget-conscious buyers.