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"Kodak ink cartridges" are typically not the first thing you think of when you think of "Kodak". That's because long before the Kodak ink cartridge hit the shelves, Kodak film was what the company was known for.

Founded in 1892 by George Eastman, the Eastman Kodak Company became a giant in the camera and film industry. So much so, in fact, that in 1976, it was estimated that the company controlled nearly 90% of the photo film industry in the United States, and even coined a phrase that is probably known to you today ("Kodak moment").

However, once computers became the norm, digital cameras were not far behind, and Kodak saw the writing on the wall. They invested heavily in this market, and became a leader there, releasing the first full-color digital display camera in 2003, and the first WIFI camera in 2005. They also realized that consumers would not be happy with just looking at pictures on a display, so they invested heavily in printers (especially inkjet printers), introducing their "Easy Share" personal photo printer. This small printer was made specifically for photos, using Kodak Printer Ink. In fact, the Kodak ink cartridge became one of the company's staple products.

In 2012, Kodak announced that they would no longer sell printers. However, consumers need not worry, as Kodak inkjet cartridges will be manufactured by the company for years to come. Since Kodak printer ink was always considered a great value, this is a relief for many consumers.

Here at Ink Technologies, we carry all manner of Kodak Ink cartridges, both in OEM and compatible / refilled configuration, which are available at deep discounts, and fully guaranteed. This ensures that you have a printer manufactured by Kodak, inkjet cartridge supplies will not be a worry, even if the printers themselves aren't made any more. We've got a huge stock, fast shipping, and the best guarantee in the business. Plus, we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, so you can shop with confidence. Just use the search tool above to get started.