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As of September 2011, IBM is said to be the 2nd largest technology company in the world. It provides jobs for more than 425,000 people in more than 200 countries. Fortune magazine ranked IBM in the top 20 firms in the United States and has it listed as the 7th most profitable. It is also noted to be at the top of the list for environmentally friendly institutions. The current overall value of this powerhouse company is $214 billion, slightly edging out Microsoft.

In 1911, three small companies known as the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company, and the Computing Scale Corporation merged to form one mother company. In 1924, the name International Business Machines was adopted. As it developed over the years and acquired more small businesses, IBM became a strong force in computer and printing technology, It earned the nickname Big Blue, which has several rumored origins.

When IBM was first founded, it produced devices such as clocks, typewriters, sorters and punch card equipment. Alphabetic and numeric interpreters would soon follow, as well as a variety of accounting machines. After a brief stint manufacturing voting machines, IBM began to produce copiers in the 1970's. This line of products was sold in the late 1980's to Kodak.

The 1960's was when IBM really started to monopolize, making discrete equipment to be used by the US military and banks, as well as developing into a printer and computer superstore. The last two decades have shown an increase in popularity among IBM products, as they have introduced the popular laptop line Thinkpad and created spinoff printer mega-company Lexmark. IBM now provides various countries with supercomputers and microprocessors. Overall, International Business Machines has gained speed and credibility over the years by consistently being a step ahead of much of the competition. This is a company of innovators that has changed the printing and computing worlds.