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Mono HP Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Ink Technologies provides OEM and premium compatible HP toner cartridges and supplies at warehouse discount prices. Check out supplies for your HP mono printer by clicking on one of the links below. For color printer toner and supplies, visit our color HP toner page.

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    HP 1000 Toner | LaserJet 1000 Toner Cartridges HP 1001nw Toner | Neverstop Laser 1001nw Toner Cartridges HP 1005 Toner | LaserJet 1005 Toner Cartridges
    HP 1010 Toner | LaserJet 1010 Toner Cartridges HP 1012 Toner | LaserJet 1012 Toner Cartridges HP 1015 Toner | LaserJet 1015 Toner Cartridges
    HP 1018 Toner | LaserJet 1018 Toner Cartridges HP 1020 Toner | LaserJet 1020 Toner Cartridges HP 1022 Toner | LaserJet 1022 Toner Cartridges
    HP 1100 Toner | LaserJet 1100 Toner Cartridges HP 1150 Toner | LaserJet 1150 Toner Cartridges HP 1160 Toner | LaserJet 1160 Toner Cartridges
    HP 1200 Toner | LaserJet 1200 Toner Cartridges HP 1202w Toner | Neverstop Laser 1202w Toner Cartridges HP 1220 Toner | LaserJet 1220 Toner Cartridges
    HP 1300 Toner | LaserJet 1300 Toner Cartridges HP 1320 Toner | LaserJet 1320 Toner Cartridges HP 2100 Toner | LaserJet 2100 Toner Cartridges
    HP 2200 Toner | LaserJet 2200 Toner Cartridges HP 2300 Toner | LaserJet 2300 Toner Cartridges HP 240 Toner | Mopier 240 Toner Cartridges
    HP 2400 Toner | LaserJet 2400 Toner Cartridges HP 2410 Toner | LaserJet 2410 Toner Cartridges HP 2420 Toner | LaserJet 2420 Toner Cartridges
    HP 2430 Toner | LaserJet 2430 Toner Cartridges HP 3015 Toner | LaserJet 3015 Toner Cartridges HP 3020 Toner | LaserJet 3020 Toner Cartridges
    HP 3030 Toner | LaserJet 3030 Toner Cartridges HP 3050 Toner | LaserJet 3050 Toner Cartridges HP 3052 Toner | LaserJet 3052 Toner Cartridges
    HP 3055 Toner | LaserJet 3055 Toner Cartridges HP 3100 Toner | LaserJet 3100 Toner Cartridges HP 3150 Toner | LaserJet 3150 Toner Cartridges
    HP 320 Toner | Mopier 320 Toner Cartridges HP 3200 Toner | LaserJet 3200 Toner Cartridges HP 322 Toner | Mopier 322 Toner Cartridges
    HP 3300 Toner | LaserJet 3300 Toner Cartridges HP 3310 Toner | LaserJet 3310 Toner Cartridges HP 3320 Toner | LaserJet 3320 Toner Cartridges
    HP 3330 Toner | LaserJet 3330 Toner Cartridges HP 3380 Toner | LaserJet 3380 Toner Cartridges HP 3390 Toner | LaserJet 3390 Toner Cartridges
    HP 3392 Toner | LaserJet 3392 Toner Cartridges HP 4 Toner | LaserJet 4 Toner Cartridges HP 4000 Toner | LaserJet 4000 Toner Cartridges
    HP 4050 Toner | LaserJet 4050 Toner Cartridges HP 4100 Toner | LaserJet 4100 Toner Cartridges HP 4101 Toner | LaserJet 4101 Toner Cartridges
    HP 4200 Toner | LaserJet 4200 Toner Cartridges HP 4240n Toner | LaserJet 4240n Toner Cartridges HP 4250 Toner | LaserJet 4250 Toner Cartridges
    HP 4300 Toner | LaserJet 4300 Toner Cartridges HP 4345 Toner | LaserJet 4345 Toner Cartridges HP 4350 Toner | LaserJet 4350 Toner Cartridges
    HP 4m Toner | LaserJet 4m Toner Cartridges HP 4mv Toner | LaserJet 4mv Toner Cartridges HP 4v Toner | LaserJet 4v Toner Cartridges
    HP 5 Toner | LaserJet 5 Toner Cartridges HP 5000 Toner | LaserJet 5000 Toner Cartridges HP 5100 Toner | LaserJet 5100 Toner Cartridges
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    Mono HP Toner Cartridges and Supplies

    Hewlett Packard has led the printing industry for the last 30 years in innovations and advancements in technologies; from meager beginnings in 1939 it has risen to the top of the printing industry. One of the newest innovations is HP's low melt toner which is a vast improvement over standard toner. This printer toner is specifically designed to melt and fuse to the paper at lower temperatures decreasing the amount of energy needed by 15 percent. The lower temperature also creates faster print speeds and first out page times by reducing the amount of time it takes to heat the toner. This equates to increased productivity and lower cost per page prints.

    Hewlett Packard has developed Colorsphere Chemically Prepared Toner, or CPT, to provide affordable, crisp and clean monochromatic prints. The toners are built on the molecular level allowing the designers to manipulate the size and shape of the individual toner particles. The smaller the particle the easier it is to fuse with the printing medium. This enables the HP laser printer to have more precise halftones and text production and reduces the cost per page of the printer toner cartridges. Since the smaller particles fuse easier with the paper the amount of laser toner needed for a document is decreased which in turn decreases the cost per printed page.

    The magnetic properties of the Colorsphere Chemically Prepared Toner allow for more precise placement of toner particles during the fusing process. The fuser can place the smaller and uniform magnetic printer toner particles more accurately creating vastly improved graphics production. Coupled with Hewlett Packard's photolithographic printing process photographic prints jump off of the page in true professional quality. The photolithographic process delivers monochromatic image and text documents in pristine clarity by applying the grayscale colors on the molecular level. This provides the exact placement and rendering of halftone printer cartridge toner particles and in turn greatly improved prints.

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