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Compatible HP Models:

  • C560
  • C560C
HP C560 Ink, DeskWriter C560 Ink Cartridges

HP C560 Printer Review

Looking for the simplest of printers to handle the simplest of tasks? Consider the HP DeskWriter C560. Lacking fancy features and multiple functions, it isn't as versatile as most inkjet printers on the market. However, it is old, and does what it can with the technology of its time. Still available on the internet new or used, this machine is only compatible with Mac operating systems. It can print on envelopes, plain paper, transparencies, glossy paper and cards using HP C560 ink.

Due to its slower than average speeds, the C560 should only be used in homes that only print minimally. Even then, it could lag behind desired speeds, so it must be used with patience. Monochrome documents will print at a speed of around 3 pages per minute. Disappointingly enough, the color DeskWriter C560 ink could take up to 3 minutes per page to print. Most people just don't have time to wait around for their prints to finish.

A black and a tricolor HP C560 ink cartridge are needed for printing. The black and color tanks of printer ink yield 790 pages and 640 pages, respectively. These page yields are decent, but the price of the printer ink isn't, making the cost per page somewhat expensive. Also, the resolutions of the machine are quite disappointing—the highest resolution possible is around 600x300 dpi.

There is a more affordable alternative to the DeskWriter C560 ink cartridges—buying them remanufactured from third party vendors. These particular tanks of HP C560 ink can be purchased for less than one third of the OEM price, which is much more economical than constantly buying from the manufacturer.

For the majority of buyers, these speeds will not meet printing needs, and with more affordable inkjet units out there that can print at faster rates, buying the C560 might be a pointless venture.