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  • C550
  • C550C
HP C550 Ink, DeskWriter C550 Ink Cartridges

HP C550 Printer Review

Considering how popular computers and printers have become, it is rare to find homes without them. Large businesses have thousands of options for expensive, high-volume printing. Small offices also have a plethora of models available with multiple functions to save time, space and money. For average users in need of a personal printer for a low price, there is the HP DeskWriter C550. Lacking any fancy features that may be found on more expensive units, the C550 can complete tasks and last for years.

Designed for personal use or very small offices, this inkjet unit comes as a monochrome printer, meaning it has only a black HP C550 ink cartridge in it. However, an optional color printer ink tank is available. The color HP C550 ink can only be installed with an HP color kit. The tricolor DeskWriter C550 ink cartridge contains yellow, magenta and cyan ink, and it yields 640 pages. The black tank can produce 790 pages.

Using only the black HP C550 ink, 2-4 pages per minute can be printed, while its takes over a minute to print a single color document. These speeds will surely slow down any workgroup and is more suitable for a home with light, occasional print jobs. The color DeskWriter C550 ink can reach a resolution of 300x300 dpi, and the black printer ink has a maximum resolution of 600x300 dpi.

Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, the C550 is connected only by parallel port. It will set up easily with just about any system, though the lack of USB port may slow down image transfers. This inkjet unit has a monthly page cycle of 1,000 pages, which should appease the printing needs of basic homes. For anyone looking for a printer for the home, dorm room or small office, take a look at the very affordable HP C550.