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HP C520 Ink, DeskWriter C520 Ink Cartridges

HP C520 Printer Review

Everybody wants a reliable printer for their home or small office. There is a printer out there that will satisfy any printing need. A business would prefer a unit with multiple functions and high capacity, whereas home users usually just want a basic monochrome or color printer for standard documents or photos. The HP DeskWriter C520 comes as a monochrome unit, but with the separate purchase of tricolor printer ink and an HP color kit, it can be converted into a color inkjet printer. This could be convenient for those who want simple color printing.

The black HP C520 ink cartridge can produce as many as 790 pages per tank, and the optional color tank can yield approximately 640 pages. The unit itself has the capability of printing 1,000 pages per month, so if used to maximum capacity, replacement DeskWriter C520 ink cartridges will need to be purchased monthly. This could become a burden and an unwanted expense, so higher-volume consumers may want to look elsewhere.

The tricolor HP C520 ink tank holds cyan, magenta and yellow printer ink. Using the drop-on-demand technology, small dots of ink are applied to the page through nozzles. The DeskWriter C520 ink dots are then layered to enhance the quality and resolution of the final product. This particular inkjet printer can reach a maximum resolution of 600x300 dpi.

When working with the black HP C520 ink only, up to 3 pages per minute can be produced and when using the color ink, it takes up to a minute to print one page. These speeds are below average, and considering newer models can reach up to 30 pages per minute, the C520 cannot even compete. However, for a basic personal printer, the speeds and resolutions are acceptable. This device is connected by parallel port and it is compatible with Mac operating system.