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HP C510 Ink, DeskWriter C510 Ink Cartridges

HP C510 Printer Review

There are so many different kinds of printers in the world that it is hard to decide which one is the best. Depending on the printing needs of the home or office, a multi-functioning unit may be a better choice than a single-purpose printer. But for things such as school work or simple color projects, the HP DeskWriter C510 will be a good fit for a home that uses Mac operating system. Homes that need Windows capability should opt for the Deskjet C510.

This unit has a monthly duty cycle of 1,000 pages, which is recommended by HP. However, the single black HP C510 ink cartridge can only yield 790 pages. This printer ink tank comes standard upon purchase. There is an optional DeskWriter C510 ink cartridge that provides this inkjet device with the ability to print in color and has a page yield of 640 pages. To do so, however, an HP color kit must also be purchased.

When using the black HP C510 ink, only 3 pages per minute can be printed. Using the color printer ink, it takes a minute to print a single page. These speeds will not provide a very efficient printing process. However, the DeskWriter C510 ink can reach a maximum resolution of 600x300 dpi. Even with the additional HP C510 ink tank and color kit, the resolution does not increase, which will leave color prints looking grainy and faded.

The C510 is connected to PCs by parallel port only. More current models connect via USB, PictBridge or memory card slots, which increase the speed of transfer images. All in all, this inkjet unit will work wonderfully in any home with simple printing needs. Though it is not current and cannot compete with newer models, the HP C510 is dependable and durable.