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HP 900 Ink, FAX 900 Ink Cartridges

HP 900 Printer Review

The HP FAX 900 is a surprisingly powerful inkjet fax machine considering its affordable price. It provides reliable operation for the small office with solid transmission speeds and advanced options for added convenience. The cost of printer ink is very low, thanks to affordable HP 900 ink.

The design of the machine is very compact, allowing it to share a desk with a computer or fit into the tight spaces of a home office environment with ease. It measures 10.5 inches by 15.8 inches by 23.5 inches and weighs only 10 pounds. The input paper tray can hold up to 100 sheets at a time, and the automatic document feeder can hold up to 30 pages at once.

With only 250 KB of memory onboard, the unit is somewhat limited, as it must use this memory for a variety of tasks such as delayed transmission, broadcasting and storing incoming faxes. This is only enough memory for 12 pages. It can store up to 50 stations in memory, and it has 10 speed dial buttons on its front panel for fast dialing. There are options for redialing, polling, group dialing for sending to multiple recipients and a host of other features that make it a much more powerful machine than one might expect from its compact size.

For some inkjet models, the cost of printer ink can be expensive. HP 900 ink cartridges, on the other hand, are very affordably-priced. With large capacities, FAX 900 ink cartridges can print more pages with a single cartridge as well, giving users a very low cost per page. Compatible FAX 900 ink is also available from many sellers for lower prices than OEM versions.

For the buyer with a small budget and a small working space, the HP 900 is a great fit. It has the essential features every user needs and convenient features that will save users time. Low-cost HP 900 ink makes it very economical.