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HP 600 Ink, Designjet 600 Ink Cartridges

HP 600 Printer Review

The HP DesignJet 600 is a wide-format inkjet printer designed for computer-aided design printing and other graphic applications. Its large design makes it possible to use paper sizes up to a maximum of 36 inches in width, but its high price and bulky frame are issues to consider. The low cost of HP 600 ink helps keep printer ink costs low.

The 600 comes in two models. The first measures 42.5 inches by 24 inches by 44.1 inches and can support paper sizes up to 24 inches. The second measures 54 inches by 26.8 inches by 46 inches and can support paper sizes up to 36 inches for more flexibility. Both models support multiple media types, such as vellum, transparent papers, polyester film and plain paper. They also support long-axis plotting up to 50 feet. Since the paper comes on rolls, the machine also includes an auto cutter.

The initial memory is 2 MB, but it can be expanded to a maximum of 20 MB if needed. The standard connection interfaces are RS-232-C and Centronics, but users can add an optional JetDirect card to connect the machine directly to a wired network for sharing among multiple computers.

The large capacity of HP 600 ink cartridges keeps the total printer ink costs well below those of a typical inkjet model. DesignJet 600 ink cartridges are also very affordably-priced, as they support other models as well. Using third-party compatible DesignJet 600 ink is an excellent way to save even more on operating costs.

For the graphics department or CAD professional, the HP 600 is an excellent choice. Its high-quality output and support for a wide range of sizes and formats combined with the low cost of HP 600 ink makes it an excellent value, though its upfront price may be a bit steep for some budgets.