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  • 560
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HP 560 Ink, DeskWriter 560 Ink Cartridges

HP 560 Printer Review

Highly outdated, the HP DeskWriter 560 can still be purchased from multiple places on the web. Originally created for an office or workplace, nowadays, this is best suited for a home with minimal printing needs. This inkjet unit can't hold a candle to newer models, and that is obvious looking at its speeds, resolutions and output.

The rather hefty DeskWriter 560 lags behind when it comes to speed. When printing using only black HP 560 ink, it prints with slow speeds of only 3 pages per minute. Find that to be a little too slow? Well if printing color documents, it's even slower taking up to 3 minutes per page. For those wishing to print more than one page on any given occasion, these speeds most likely won't do—especially when there are a plethora of units that can print anywhere from 20-30 pages per minute in black or color.

Only two HP 560 ink cartridges are needed to operate this device—one contains tricolor printer ink, and the other contains black ink. The black DeskWriter 560 ink cartridges print with a resolution of 600x300 dpi, while the color ink tanks print with a resolution of only 300x300 dpi. Though these aren't the lowest resolutions on the market, they will likely leave documents looking grainy. The yields for the black and color HP 560 ink tanks are 790 and 640, respectively. The major problem with the ink, though, is its high price tag. However, remanufactured printer ink is readily available from third party vendors across the internet and can be purchased for a fraction of the price without sacrificing the quality of the documents, making the 560 affordable.

This inkjet unit must be connected to a computer in order to print. It can print on most types and sizes of media; however, photo printing is probably a bad idea due to high cost of DeskWriter 560 ink and low resolutions.