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HP 550 Ink, DeskWriter 550 Ink Cartridges

HP 550 Printer Review

What is it about a printer that attracts consumers? Is it the quality? The speed? Maybe the cost per page? Whatever it is that is desired, it is out there on the market. The HP DeskWriter 550 is a small, low-volume basic printer designed to meet the simple printing needs of home users. Offices will find very little use for such a basic model with speed and quality that are average at best. With only one standard black HP 550 ink cartridge and one optional color printer ink tank, maintenance will be simple.

Unfortunately, this inkjet printer prints pretty slowly. Using the black DeskWriter 550 ink, 2-4 pages per minute can be produced, while it takes over a minute to print a single page with color printer ink. Even though the speeds are underwhelming, the resolutions are reasonable. The color HP 550 ink can reach 300x300 dpi and the black can get up to 600x300 dpi. This quality will help produce solid text documents and decent photos and graphics.

The black DeskWriter 550 ink cartridge has a page yield of 790 and is provided with the printer upon purchase. The tricolor tank is sold separately, which holds cyan, magenta and yellow HP 550 ink. To successfully add the color tank, an HP color kit is necessary. This may seem complicated and really unnecessary for users that only need to print documents.

The 550 is an inkjet printer that is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac, making set up easy for any consumer. It is connected only by parallel port. This unit has a monthly duty cycle of 1,000 pages, which is plenty for most homes. Small offices will most likely need more. Overall, the HP 550 is a reliable color printer with few features, but few flaws.