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  • 550
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HP 550 Ink, Deskjet 550 Ink Cartridges

HP 550 Printer Review

The HP Deskjet 550 may not be anything special features-wise, but according to consumers, it is a reliable machine. Though it isn't the most attractive device, with its off-white and black plastic exterior and bulky design, it can handle the needs of those looking to print minimally. Its weight of 14.5 pounds is somewhat heavy and its dimensions of 8.2x17.5x15.3 inches will make quite a footprint.

This HP only requires two Deskjet 550 ink cartridges. One contains black printer ink, and the other is a tricolor tank filled with cyan, magenta and yellow HP 550 ink. Page yields are decent at 640 pages and 790 pages for tricolor and black ink, respectively. Replacement ink, however, is fairly expensive unless purchased from a third party vendor—third party vendors sell remanufactured HP 550 ink with the same high quality for a fraction of the price. If only printing small volumes, though, the tanks will be affordable.

The biggest downside to this inkjet printer has got to be its speed. On a good day, it can only print 3 pages per minute using black Deskjet 550 ink. Also, it can only connect via parallel interface—which in this day and age has become virtually obsolete. Printing strictly monochrome, the highest available resolution is only 300x300 dpi, meaning users could be left with grainy images time and time again. The highest resolution using color printer ink is even lower at 300x150 dpi. Another downside is that this inkjet unit is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

One good thing about the 550 is that it is very versatile printing on multiple types and sizes of paper, including plain paper, transparencies and glossy paper. Its monthly duty cycle may be limited, printing only 1000 pages using black HP 550 ink and 160 pages for color ink, but for those printing very small volumes, this will be more than enough.