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Compatible HP Models:

  • 540
  • 540C
HP 540 Ink, DeskWriter 540 Ink Cartridges

HP 540 Printer Review

The HP DeskWriter 540 is an inkjet unit suitable only for home environments. With low print speeds and low resolutions, printing photos is out of question, but printing simple graphic or texts documents, it's perfect. Highly outdated, it lacks almost all features standard of newer units—this printer, for the most part, contains nothing fancy. It is what it is—a simple printer.

Two HP 540 ink cartridges are needed for printing in both black and color—however, the tricolor printer ink tank must be purchased seperatley as part of the HP Color Kit. This color DeskWriter 540 ink can yield around 640 pages, and the black can yield 790 pages. These yields plus the 1,000 page monthly duty cycle are best suited for a home that doesn't have demanding printing needs.

Speed and quality are the main downfalls with this inkjet unit—and they are probably the two most important features when it comes to buying or using a printer. Its speeds are quite slow and below par. Using black HP 540 ink, it can only print a maximum of 3 pages per minute. When printing with color printer ink, it takes about 1.5 minutes per page. This will definitely slow down users, and it has the potential to become quite frustrating. For those who only print one or two pages at a time, though, it may not be a problem at all.

The highest possible resolution when using black HP 540 ink is only 600x300 dpi, and when using a color Deskwriter 540 ink cartridge, the resolution is 300x300 dpi. These aren't even comparable to newer models and will leave graphics looking grainy.

The only connection possible is via parallel port, and Windows and Mac operating systems are both compatible. This won't do much good for a fast-paced workplace, but for a home with the most basic of printing needs, it will suffice.