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  • 520
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HP 520 Ink, DeskWriter 520 Ink Cartridges

HP 520 Printer Review

In need of a complex, all-in-one inkjet unit? The HP DeskWriter 520 is not the printer for you. This basic model has very few features and only one purpose. It does not have the high speeds necessary for an office environment, and it cannot produce the quality needed for photos or graphics. Quite frankly, the only thing the 520 can do it print simple text documents such as book reports and directions. For most people looking for a personal printer, that is more than enough.

Monochrome printers can only print in black, so this unit has only one DeskWriter 520 ink cartridge. Some older machines, like this one, have an optional color printer ink tank, but not this one. It can, however, print on a few different types and sizes of paper, which adds a little versatility to its short list of features.

The DeskWriter 520 ink will only reach a maximum resolution of 300x300 dpi, which by all standards is not impressive. However, for the tasks it were designed for, there is no need for a higher resolution. It can only produce a couple pages per minute, which is just another reason for high-volume users to go in a different direction. Two great features are its low price and its inexpensive replacement HP 520 ink cartridges, so low budget homes will be able to afford it easily.

The printer has a recommended monthly duty cycle of 1,000 pages, but the single tank of HP 520 ink can only yield 800 pages. So, if used to maximum capacity, replacement printer ink will be needed monthly.

Despite the decent quality of the HP 520 ink and the durability this inkjet printer is known for, anyone looking for a machine that will give them intricate images or documents will get no use out of the 520. Standard users will, however, appreciate its longevity and low cost.