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HP 510 Ink, DeskWriter 510 Ink Cartridges

HP 510 Printer Review

In need of the most basic kind of printer available for a dorm room or home? There are plenty of complex options out there, but most usually have features that are completely unnecessary for the standard user. For those looking for a simple inkjet device that is compatible with Mac operating system, the HP DeskWriter 510 may be the most affordable and reliable choice.

As a monochrome unit, only one HP 510 ink cartridge is needed for use. It contains black printer ink. Color printing is not an option with this unit, which is really only necessary for photos and graphics. The DeskWriter 510 ink can only produce a maximum resolution of 300x300 dpi. Resolution is measured by the dots of HP 510 ink dispensed per inch of paper.

Lacking most of the features that offices are in need of, the 510 is clearly designed for personal use. Work environments want multi-functioning machines that can send faxes, make copies and scan documents, as well as print in color. However, the HP 510 ink can adhere to a few different types of paper, including envelopes and transparencies.

Replacement printer ink is available online or at most office supplies stores, though they may have to order it. OEM and remanufactured DeskWriter 510 ink cartridges can both be purchased, though the remanufactured versions are less than half the price as the OEM while maintaining the same quality.

The tank of HP 510 ink can yield as many as 800 pages, which is more than enough for most users. The inkjet printer itself has a maximum monthly print capacity of 1,000 pages. This will only be a hindrance if being used for higher-volume printing, which is not an optimal idea for this particular machine. The 510 is designed for light use and basic print jobs.