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HP 510 Ink, Deskjet 510 Ink Cartridges

HP 510 Printer Review

The new printers that are being made feature new technology, fancy features and multiple functions. Saving space, time and money, offices are all filled with machines that can scan, fax and make copies as well as print in black and color. Most new printers have the ability to print professional quality photos and graphics, as well. The HP Deskjet 510 is an old-school inkjet unit that was designed with the simplest users in mind. Found mainly in homes, dorm rooms or small libraries, the 510 was not built to impress.

Lacking an automatic document feeder and networking capabilities, offices will find little use out the HP 510. It is a monochrome device, meaning it only has one Deskjet 510 ink cartridge, and it contains only black printer ink. There are no optional tanks for color printing. The one versatile aspect of this machine is its ability to print on different kinds of canvases, such as envelopes, glossy and plain paper.

When printing a document with the black HP 510 ink, less than 5 pages per minute can be produced. The low speed will be frustrating for anyone trying to achieve efficiency. The Deskjet 510 ink can reach a maximum resolution of 300x300 dpi, which will provide professional-quality text documents.

This Deskjet has a monthly capacity of 1,000 pages, which will not suffice for office environments. However, it should be just fine for home users. The HP 510 ink cartridge has a maximum page yield of 800 pages, which is actually above average for older inkjet printers. Replacement printer ink is available for an affordable price, though. New or remanufactured HP 510 ink can be found online from the original manufacturer or third party vendors. Basically, this unit will not provide anything special, but it will do its job well for years to come.