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HP 400 Printer Review

The HP DeskWriter 400 is an inkjet designed just for the Mac platform. Its print speeds are quite limited, at 4 pages per minute for color and 3 pages per minute for black, but it can make an inexpensive solution for basic printing needs. OEM versions of HP 400 printer ink are a bit expensive, but alternatives are available.

Designed as a compact desktop printer, the 400 has a small enough footprint to share a desk surface with a computer without taking up too much room. It measures 2.6x12.2x5.8 inches, and weighs a very light 4.4 pounds without the DeskWriter 400 printer ink installed. Designed for older Mac computers, its only connection options are a serial port and an RS-422 network connection, so it will likely require an adapter for modern machines, unless the user has an older Mac with these ports available.

The unit includes only 80 KB of RAM, so it may get overwhelmed quite easily when printing larger documents. It can support media sizes up to 8.5x14 inches, and media types such as glossy paper, cards, envelopes, and more. The input paper tray holds up to 100 sheets, which should be adequate for most home users. The maximum resolution for black and white prints is 600x300, with a resolution of 300x300 when using color HP 400 ink.

The HP 400 ink cartridges have fairly large yields, but prices for the genuine OEM versions are a little high. Users may wish to use remanufactured DeskWriter 400 ink cartridges instead, which are often a third of the price of OEM supplies.

For buyers with older Macs, or those who don't mind using an adapter, the DeskWriter 400 could be an inexpensive inkjet for basic everyday printing. Those who want high quality output and faster speeds should probably look elsewhere, however.