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  • 400
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HP 400 Ink, Deskjet 400 Ink Cartridges

HP 400 Printer Review

Very outdated, the HP Deskjet 400 can hardly be purchased anymore. Its slow speed of only 3 pages per minute in draft mode will have home or small offices waiting on the edge of their seats for each print. Low resolutions will also leave users wanting more, and when compared to other inkjet printers, the 400 just doesn't measure up to the competition. The Deskjet 400 ink is also somewhat expensive.

Able to print on US letter, legal, executive and envelope paper, users may find HP 400 to be quite versatile upfront. Its weight of 6.6 pounds makes this unit portable and its dimensions of 13.7x6.96x6.43 inches makes a small footprint making the 400 a small, subtle addition to the office. However, it does not support wireless printing or any all-in-one features many may expect in an inkjet printer—leaving its cons to outweigh the pros.

Two HP 400 ink cartridges are needed for printing. One is a tricolor tank containing cyan, yellow and magenta HP 400 ink. The other is filled with black printer ink. Yielding 640 pages and 790 pages, respectively, the color and black ink tends to last an acceptable amount of time. The printer ink can become pricey if mid-level to high-level printing is done. There is a way to save money on these Deskjet 400 ink cartridges, though—if purchased from a third party vendor, the tanks will likely cost only a fraction of the manufacturer's price.

Customer reviews of the HP 400 are relatively negative. Users have complained that it is unreliable and breaks down often. Another complaint is that the HP 400 ink is expensive and hard to install. The biggest problems seem to be the fact that the unit jams consistently and prints with low resolutions of 600x300 dpi in black and 300x300 dpi in color.