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HP 330 Ink, Deskjet 330 Ink Cartridges

HP 330 Printer Review

Do not waste time looking any further, the HP Deskjet 330 will have everything a small office or home could need, except for faxing capabilities. Not only is this inkjet unit fast, but it produces graphics and photos that can rival any lab and text documents that are professional and easy to read. Printing with high resolutions and efficient speeds, consumers will be happy with this purchase.

For around $150, this unit can copy, scan and print color photos. The black HP 330 ink can yield 595 pages and can reach a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi. The tricolor Deskjet 330 ink cartridge can produce 640 pages at a maximum resolution of 4800x2400 dpi. The copier and scanner can both obtain a resolution of 1200 dpi. This machine can copy and print 20 pages per minute and 14 pages per minute using black and color printer ink, respectively.

Connecting via USB port and compatible with multiple operating systems, the 330 is convenient and useable for almost any PC. It weighs approximately 25 pounds, and it takes up a good amount of desk space. However, it is nowhere near the amount of space it would require to have 3 different machines. There is a built-in memory of 32 MB and an input tray that can hold up to 100 sheets.

There are 2 HP 330 ink cartridges, black and tricolor. Though they have decent page yields, the unit can only print 1,000 pages per month so high-volume jobs will be hard to finish. Replacement Deskjet 330 ink is available from HP and also from third party vendors. Comparative shopping online will ensure finding the best deals on printer ink.

With an easy and helpful start-up software and simple-to-install tanks of HP 330 ink, this inkjet unit is capable of being maintained by just about anyone. The HP Deskjet 330 is a great purchase for a great price.