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HP 310 Ink, FAX 310 Ink Cartridges

HP 310 Printer Review

The HP Fax 310 is a basic inkjet fax machine that requires a single phone line. It is a stand-alone unit, meaning it does not require connection to a PC. Most modern-day offices are looking for devices with multiple functions, such as scanning and copying, so the 310 may not be ideal. However, for users just wanting a standard fax machine, there are few that are more reliable than this one.

This is a monochrome unit, meaning it only uses black printer ink. The one HP 310 ink cartridge can print up to 790 pages before needing to be replaced. Replacement Fax 310 ink cartridges are available directly from the manufacturer and also from third party vendors. The third party versions are remanufactured and compatible but guaranteed to have the same quality as the name brand HP 310 ink.

There are different modes that will help open the phone line for other uses. The fax machine can answer calls and automatically detect fax calls. It can route the voice calls to another phone. There is also a mode that allows users to answer any calls manually. The control panel on the top of the machine makes it simple to navigate through modes.

The 310 has 10 one-touch speeds dials which make it easy to connect to frequent contacts quickly. This unit is economically and environmentally friendly. The newly renovated HP 310 ink produces professional-quality documents and lasts a while. For standard users, the printer ink will only need to be replaced occasionally, thus making maintenance easy.

With the good quality, bonus features and affordable Fax 310 ink, this inkjet fax machine is a good purchase for any office or home. It will provide a simple way to stay directly connected to various contacts and produce well-crafted documents.