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HP 310 Ink, DeskWriter 310 Ink Cartridges

HP 310 Printer Review

In a world full of printers, the multi-functioning units are on high demand. Mostly businesses and home offices are looking for ways to save space and money, and having 3 or 4 functions in one machine is a good way to do that. Though not considered an elite inkjet printer, the HP DeskWriter 310 is still a good choice for smaller workgroups. It has above average speed and quality, but it is not the best nor does it have the highest capacity for large jobs.

This unit is identical to the Deskjet 310 accept it was designed to work with Mac operating systems, meaning it has a different interface. Where the Deskjet is connected by USB, the DeskWriter has a serial connection. There are two HP 310 ink cartridges that are compatible with both models. One is full of black printer ink only, and the other holds yellow, cyan and magenta.

One of the most sought after features in any inkjet printer is high resolutions. The copy machine can reach a resolution of 600 dpi using black DeskWriter 310 ink and 1200 dpi using color printer ink. The scanner features a 48-bit internal color depth and can obtain a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi. The printer portion can reach 4800x1200 dpi when using the color HP 310 ink and 1200x1200 in black.

Replacement DeskWriter 310 ink cartridges are available directly from the manufacturer and from third party vendors. The remanufactured options are much more affordable and still produce the same high quality. The black tank of HP 310 ink can only produce 595 pages and the color tank yields 640 pages, meaning replacements will be needed frequently depending on the volume of printing.

The HP DeskWriter 310 is a rock solid printer with various features and functions that provide users with professional quality and efficient output rates.