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HP 300 Printer Review

The HP OfficeJet 300 is an old multi-purpose inkjet unit, offering printing, copying and faxing. It came out around the start of the new millennium, and has since been retired by HP. Monochrome devices are virtually unheard of these days, but HP 300 ink cartridges are still available for consumers that just won't let go. At a whopping 3 pages per minute while printing, 1.2 pages per minute for copies and 10 seconds per fax page, patience is a requirement for the OfficeJet 300.

Compatible only with Windows, the HP OfficeJet 300 has a 24-page fax memory and can make up to 99 copies from an original, averaging about 50 seconds per page. This inkjet unit is capable of printing on plain paper, envelopes, transparencies, A4 and legal. All-in-one units are commonly found in businesses, eliminating the need for 3 different machines.

There is only one OfficeJet 300 ink cartridge in this unit. It is very outdated to only have one tank, especially when it is exclusively black HP 300 ink. This cartridge of OfficeJet 300 ink has a page yield of about 800 and is available for replacement. Replacement tanks of HP 300 ink are very affordable and easy to find from a third party vendor.

The inkjet printer is a little bulky, measuring 17.26x15.52x11.15. Even though it does offer many different functions that would be good for businesses or home offices, the extremely slow output rate and single color HP OfficeJet ink system would probably slow things down rather than enhance production. This once was a good printer, but now is outdated and somewhat irrelevant.