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HP 300 Printer Review

Who really uses fax machines anymore? Actually, they are still relevant in small offices and some homes. It is one of the only ways to send documents on the spot without the use of a computer or scanner. These days, it is more common to scan something and send it via email, but scanners are not cheap and seem unnecessary for occasional use. The HP 300 fax machine is an affordable inkjet unit with decent features and production speed and quality.

Only one phone line is required to use the 300, which is usually all that homes have. So, so there are numerous modes on this device that will allow users to use that one phone line wisely. The 300 can answer all the calls, detect the fax calls, allow users to answer manually, or route voice calls to another phone for users to answer.

The 300 is known for its economical appeal as well as its professional quality documents. The one HP 300 ink cartridge is full of black printer ink and reaches average resolutions. The Fax 300 ink cartridge can produce 790 pages. This should be enough to satisfy the needs of all homes and most small offices. For the users that print more than normal, affordable replacement HP 300 ink is available.

Of course, printer ink is always available directly from the vendor, but it will be much more expensive than remanufactured tanks of Fax 300 ink that are available from third party vendors. Not only is the remanufactured ink less expensive, but it is guaranteed to have the same quality as the OEM. Searching online and comparing prices of HP 300 ink will ensure that users get the best price on the market.

All in all, this inkjet fax machine is simple but efficient and will be a good addition to any office.