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  • 2225
  • 2225A
  • 2225C
  • 2225D
  • 2225P
HP 2225 Ink, ThinkJet 2225 Ink Cartridges

Genuine OEM/Brand Name Ink Cartridges for the HP 2225

HP 51604A Black Ink Cartridge - Genuine OEM

HP 51604A Black Ink Cartridge - Genuine OEM

Genuine OEM HP 51604A Ink Cartridge, Black, 500 page yield. HP part number: 51604A. Ink Cartridge works with printer models HP ThinkJet 2225, 2225A, 2225C, 2225D, 2225P.

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$26.95 total
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HP 2225 Printer Review

The HP ThinkJet 2225 is a somewhat unique inkjet printer, in that it is designed for portability. Multiple models of the unit provide different configurations of power and connection types. The 2225A connects via parallel port with AC power, the 2225B connects via serial with DC battery power, the 2225C uses a Centronics connection and AC power, the 2225D uses serial and AC power, and the 2225P uses a Centronics connection with DC power. Print speeds aren't particularly fast, but printer ink costs are low, with HP 2225 ink very widely available.

The 2225 needs a compact footprint to make it portable, which is why it measures only 11.5 by 8.1 inches. While it won't easily fit into a laptop bag, it can still be easily transported for portable printing. For models that feature DC battery power, the battery can print approximately 200 pages before it needs recharging, which should be enough for a fair amount of printing on-the-go.

Replacing the printer ink is quite simple, and the HP 2225 ink cartridges have an impressive capacity of 500 pages, especially given the small size of ThinkJet 2225 ink cartridges. Compatible ThinkJet 2225 ink is available from some vendors, reducing the price compared to OEM versions.

Compared to the competition on the market, the 2225 doesn't have the portability of more compact devices, and its speeds lag behind competing models as well. Newer models have a more compact and lightweight frame, as well as offering modern features such as color and photo printing. The affordable price of HP 2225 ink is its greatest asset.

Overall, the HP 2225 doesn't compare well with newer models on the market, but for basic portable printing, it could be a good solution for some buyers. Its low price and low running costs are certainly appealing.