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HP 220 Printer Review

Designed for serious large-format printing, the HP DesignJet 220 is a monochrome inkjet model for high-end graphics work. Its fast speeds, sharp print quality and excellent paper-handling support are impressive, and HP 220 ink cartridges keep printer ink costs down.

Since it supports so many large formats, the design of the 220 is equally large. The machine measures 13.9 inches by 54 inches by 14.9 inches and weighs a hefty 103 pounds. Needless to say, it is not well-suited for small spaces. Instead, it is meant for output of computer program data. The most common applications that use a printer like the 220 would be Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. The wide format allows users to create large drawings and print them with ease. It is also useful for mapping and drafting applications.

The printer supports many graphical languages such as HP-GL and HP-GL/2, as well as Printer Job Language, or PJL. The unit connects via a number of different interfaces to a computer, but there is also an option for network support by adding an HP JetDirect EX external interface. This allows the machine to be shared among multiple users in a networked environment.

The cost of printer ink is a concern for any inkjet unit, especially for such large formats. The low cost of HP 220 ink cartridges helps alleviate this concern, however, and the relatively large capacity of DesignJet 220 ink cartridges gives users a low cost per page that will keep the office under budget. Third-party compatible DesignJet 220 ink is another option for saving money.

While it is not a printer for the masses, the HP 220 is an excellent large-format plotter that will serve the needs of CAD professionals and others who need wide-format printing. Its fast speeds and excellent quality as well as the low cost of HP 220 ink make it a very good value.