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HP 200 Printer Review

Though it may seem like an outdated form of communication, fax machines are still important for sending documents immediately. Whether it is for personal reasons, such as sending credit card information or if it is business related, like sending purchase orders, the fax machine is not yet obsolete. The HP Fax 200 is a high quality inkjet device with decent speeds and quality, as well as bonus features that make it more appealing to consumers.

There is only one HP 200 ink cartridge in this unit. It is full of black printer ink and has been renovated to dry quicker and smudge less. This machine does not have color printing, nor does it have multiple functions. It does have a Fax 200 ink cartridge that yields nearly 800 pages, which will certainly suffice for most users.

The 200 has a control panel that is clearly labeled and easy to navigate with. It has well lit buttons and simple labels. There are multiple modes, also. Users can set up this machine to receive all calls, automatically detect fax calls and route voice calls to a phone, which will be helpful for household with only one phone line.

For consumers that will use this fax machine daily for high-volume operations, the Fax 200 ink will need to be replaced every few weeks. Fortunately, affordable inkjet tanks are available from third party vendors online. Brand new, name-brand HP 200 ink is nearly three times more expensive than remanufactured and compatible printer ink, which is guaranteed to maintain the same quality.

There are ten one-touch speed dial options for simple connection to regular contacts and an economical "save mode" for when this unit is not in use. All of these features plus the affordable HP 200 ink make this fax machine a solid investment.