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Say "Gestetner" in the office supply store and someone is liable to say "bless you" in response (and not say "oh, Gestetner toner cartridges – right over there!") This is because amongst consumer brands, Gestetner is not a name that springs to mind. But Gestetner printers and Gestetner laser toner are indeed sold, and sold by the millions (and don't worry, we have Gestetner printer toner here at Ink Technologies. But let's learn about the company a bit first, ok?)

The Gestetner Corporation was the brainchild of David Gestetner of London, England, in 1881. Originally, the company was known as the Gestetner Cyclograph Company, and produced ink rollers and stencils (so you can see that the Gestetner toner cartridge has a definitive legacy). Soon, Gestetner patented an invention called the duplicating machine that became very popular (utilizing stenciling, this was truly one of the first copying machines, and became an indispensable office product in the early parts of the 20th century).

The company stayed in the copying business, and eventually grew quite large. In 1995, the Ricoh Company bought the Gestetner Corporation, and has since merged the Lanier network and Gestetner networks together. Because the products from both companies were very similar, this transition was easy. It also means the Gestetner toner cartridges became (a bit) easier to find. This is actually a boon, because the company is not one of the most well-known consumer brands.

Here at Ink Technologies, we carry all manner of Gestetner printer toner for your specific model printer. We have both OEM toner cartridges, and recycled / refilled ones as well (and the latter style is sold at deep discounts, and fully guaranteed by us.) We have a huge stock, fast shipping, the best guarantee in the business, and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, so you can feel confident ordering from us. Just use the above search tool to find the exact Gestetner toner cartridge you need.