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The Epson company is a well-known name in printing circles, and is amongst the largest printer manufacturers in the world (both in inkjet and laser printers, and Epson toner cartridges as well.)

Technically, Epson is part of the Seiko Corporation (the actual company name is the Seiko Epson corporation), and was officially formed back in the early 1940's (although Seiko dates back to the 1870's). As one would suspect by the name, the company has had a huge success in timepieces, with Seiko being a leading name in watches and other timepieces. But they've also been at the forefront of other technologies, and when personal computing became big during the 1970's the company started looking in that direction.

Once the company decided they were going to get involved with personal printers, they did so in a huge way. During the 1990's, Epson was one of the world's leading manufacturers of printers. Inkjets and laser printers both carried the name Epson. Laser toner, of course, became something the company had to manufacture as well, because like every other printer manufacturer, toner cartridges were brand specific.

The company's laser printer division has designed AcuBrite toners for use in all of their laser printers, both color and monochrome. The Epson printer toner in the cartridge has been designed to have consistent granular shapes that do not clump. This allows the toner to spread more evenly, resulting in a sharper, clearer image.

The Epson toner cartridge is widely available, and we have a full stock here at Ink Technologies, at some of the best prices online. In fact, we sell Epson printer toner in both OEM configurations, as well as recycled / refilled cartridges. The latter is sold at deep discounts and fully guaranteed, making an Epson toner cartridge very affordable. We have fast shipping, and also sport an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, so you can shop with complete confidence. Just use the search tool above to get started.