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  • PM 225
Epson PM 225 Ink, PictureMate Charm PM 225 Ink Cartridges

Genuine OEM/Brand Name Ink Cartridges for the Epson PM 225

Epson T5846 Color Ink Cartridge - Genuine OEM

Epson T5846 Color Ink Cartridge - Genuine OEM

Genuine OEM Epson T5846 Ink Cartridge, Color, 150 page yield. Single cartridge contains Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink. Epson part number: T5846. Ink Cartridge works with printer model Epson PictureMate Charm PM 225.

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Epson PM 225 Printer Review

What if you had the ability to print excellent color photos from just about anywhere? This is the promise of the Epson PictureMate Charm PM 225. It is a color inkjet that is compact and portable, and can print 4x6 photos anywhere with an available power outlet, or users can purchase an optional rechargeable battery for more portability. Photos can be printed in as little as 37 seconds, and the printer ink system in Epson PM 225 ink produces great results.

The design of the PM 225 is quite impressive, as it resembles a large lunch box, with a handle for easily carrying it along to just about anywhere the user wants to go. It is a great machine to take along to family reunions and other events, where you can then print copies for others to take home with them. In its initial configuration, it needs to be plugged in for power, but an optional battery is available to make it a truly portable device. Cameras or memory cards can be connected directly to the machine.

Printer ink is pricier than average for an inkjet, due to the compact design of Epson PM 225 ink cartridges, which limits their capacity. Still, the quality of the images that PictureMate Charm PM 225 ink cartridges produce is not compromised, and buyers can opt to use compatible PictureMate Charm PM 225 ink to save on costs.

Macworld reviewed the PM 225, and gave it a rating of 3.5 out of 5. They found the cost of Epson PM 225 ink and the necessary paper packs to be affordable, and the device to be very easy to use. They felt that print speeds could be slow, but the quality of images to be impressive.

The Epson PM 225 is likely to appeal only to buyers who value its portability, but even those who plan to use it at home might find it to be a good value. It is limited by its ability to only produce 4x6 photos, but for those who want this specific feature, it can be very cost-effective.