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T008201 Ink Cartridge - Epson Remanufactured (Color)
Epson T008201 Color - Remanufactured, 220 page yield.

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Compatible Ink Cartridges for the Epson 790

T008201 Ink Cartridge - Epson Remanufactured (Color)

T008201 Ink Cartridge - Epson Remanufactured (Color)

Remanufactured Epson Ink Cartridge, Color, 220 page yield. Replaces Epson part number: T008201. Ink Cartridge compatible with Epson Stylus Photo 790.

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Epson 790 Printer Review

The Epson Stylus Photo 790 is a fairly simple photo inkjet printer, but its compact design and easy-to-use software make it a good fit for individual home users. It is rated for speeds of up to 7.5 pages per minute in color and 7.8 pages per minute in black and white, though higher quality settings will likely be significantly slower. Epson 790 printer ink is affordable, but the cost per page could be better.

Unlike some home inkjet models, particularly many from HP, the 790 has a vertical input paper tray rather than a front-loading design. This means the paper takes a less-drastic bend when feeding, and can help reduce paper jams. The tray can hold up to 100 sheets, and can also fold down out of the way when not in use. The unit itself measures 6.8x17.7x10 inches with the tray folded down, and it weighs 9 pounds without the Stylus Photo 790 printer ink installed.

The maximum resolution of 2880x720 dpi is quite impressive, and the software uses technologies like "Natural Image Color" along with the Epson 790 ink to produce very realistic and detailed images. The PhotoQuicker software can help users create interesting layouts, such as printing up to 8 photos on a single sheet with no margins.

Using the Economy printing mode, users can get the fastest output speeds, while also prolonging the life of Epson 790 ink cartridges, though the quality will be reduced as well. The single black and combined color Stylus Photo 790 ink cartridges are reasonably priced, providing up to 370 pages and 220 pages, respectively.

While its design is simple and its price is affordable, but the Epson 790 manages to be a very impressive device for home use. The included software opens up a number of creative options, and operating costs aren't too high, as long as it is used in a light-duty environment.