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Canon toner cartridges are probably what you are looking for, and indeed, we do sell them (just use the search tool above to find the canon toner cartridge you need). But while you are here, let's also use this space to talk about Canon as a company.

Canon has been around for decades, having started in Japan in 1933. But their start wasn't in laser printers - it was in cameras. The original company name was Seikikogaku kenkyusho (which translates to Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd.) And one of their first products was a prototype for Japan's first-ever 35 mm camera with a focal plane shutter. And its name? The Kwanon. Like many companies, you can see where they got their name – in this case, in 1947, Kwanon proved the inspiration to Canon (toner cartridges were still a long way off, however.)

Cameras and lenses proved to be the company's biggest sellers for years, but like most technical companies, Canon branched out, making calculators, and eventually copiers and other office machines (in fact, their multifunction copier division and products, many of which also use Canon laser toner, are some of their best-selling products). This expansion led to printers – in fact, during the early computer years (1970's, etc) Canon's printer engine was used by everyone (HP, Apple, etc). However, these companies made changes to their parts, making it so toner was brand specific (e.g. Canon printer toner could only fit a canon printer.) That's still true today.

Canon has been innovative, too. They've developed a thin electrostatic transfer belt for the LBP models. This belt enables the rapid transfer of toner particles to be fused to the document during printing. This delivers more toner to the page more accurately than in most laser printers. That makes it faster, and delivers a deeper looking print.

Just about every Canon toner cartridge is available here at Ink Technologies (both in OEM and recycled / compatible versions, which are sold at a nice discount, and fully guaranteed). Indeed, we're a one-stop shop for all manner of printer supplies. We also have low prices, fast shipping, and an easy to use search tool above. And we'd be happy to help you with any printer need you have.