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  • S100
Canon S100 Ink Cartridge

Canon S100 Printer Review

Having a printer that is light enough to not only travel with, but carry under the arm at all times certainly makes printing more convenient. Though it is unlikely that someone would carry a machine like that around, it is a possibility with the Canon S100. This is a small, light inkjet printer that offers advanced technology and impressive quality considering its size. Designed to be a personal printer, it could double as a desktop office printer, though it is not built to be shared by multiple users.

Two small Canon S100 ink cartridges are held within the little frame- one holds only black printer ink and the other holds cyan, magenta and yellow. The tricolor Canon S100 ink cartridge will be able to yield as many as 160 pages before at least one of the colors runs low, and the black has a maximum capacity of 150 prints. Replacement Canon S100 ink is simple to install and easy to find on the web.

The frame officially measures 14.6x7.5x6.5 inches with a weight that is slightly over 5 pounds. The frame is a cool gray and individual input and output trays are built onto the unit. The paper path is curved, so rather than the finished document laying on a tray that sticks straight out of the front, the paper will come upwards to a tray that is straight up on the top, directly next to the input tray the paper just came from.

There is a USB port that will connect the S100 to external devices and the Energy Star qualification means it is friendly for the environment. The Canon S100 ink can produce a maximum resolution of 720x360 dpi, which is more than sufficient in a professional setting. Though it may not be the most innovative or flashy inkjet printer on the market, it certainly is one of the more affordable.