Canon NP6560 Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Canon Models:

  • NP6560
Canon NP6560 Toner Cartridges

Canon NP6560 Printer Review

The Canon NP6560 follows in line with Canon's series of dedicated copiers by providing users with laser technology that can produce duplicates at a low cost and with professional quality. Thanks to features such as its Energy Star compliance, the copier is able to ensure environmentally friendly operation and power usage. The provision of such features like a duplex printer will also help users make copies more economically, in that it can print on media double-sided and decrease the amount of paper used. This will also reduce how often users will have to replace supplies and purchase more paper.

Another way users can save money is by purchasing replacement printer toner from third party vendor sites who sell affordable Canon NP6560 toner cartridges. Also, since the unit only uses a single black Canon NP6560 toner cartridge, users won't have to worry about replacing multiple toners at one time like some units require. With a maximum yield of 30,000 prints, the black Canon NP6560 toner will easily be able to support those in an office producing large volume prints.

The manufacturer boasts this NP6560's ability to produce high-resolution black-and-white projects using Canon NP6560 toner. As a result, this copier will produce duplicates that are true to the original document. Users can also expect to print sharp text documents at speeds that will increase the workflow of users rather than slow them down.

Since this is a dedicated, monochrome copier with the ability to serve as a low-volume printer, the NP6560 may not meet the needs of users who want more versatility or all-in-one capabilities like scanning and faxing. However, for those that do not require full-color printing or advanced built-in features and functions, the Canon NP6560's large yielding supplies and quick rates will work perfectly for an office.