Canon NP6551 Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Canon Models:

  • NP6551
Canon NP6551 Toner Cartridges

Canon NP6551 Printer Review

With features such as large yielding toners, easy management over every project and cost-saving technology, the Canon NP6551 is a monochrome laser printer made to benefit small businesses. The unit operates with only a single Canon NP6551 toner cartridge that will be easy and inexpensive to replace. With a large maximum yield of 30,000 pages, the black Canon NP6551 toner cartridge will allow the device to support those with high print volumes.

The NP6551 incorporates a control panel that will provide editing and print management at the touch of a button. With this feature, the unit can provide users with exact duplicates that are true to the original. The NP6551 includes additional features like a duplex option that can decrease the amount of money spent on making duplicates by providing double-sided printing on media which can ultimately cut the amount of paper used.

Users can expect both quick and professional-quality printing with the NP6551, though no color printer toner is used, so only black-and-white documents can be produced. With its monochrome Canon NP6551 toner system, the printer can provide users with sharp duplicates with crisp lines and readable text. Quick printing will also ensure that users are not only printing quality results, but working at speeds that will boost overall productivity in the office.

As a dedicated copier, this machine is built to provide users with duplicates that mirror the quality of the original document. With such large yielding Canon NP6551 toner, the unit can easily support users in an office that are printing high volumes on a frequent basis as well as minimizing the cost per page. As a result of these yields and its cost efficient features, the Canon NP6551 can work great for offices on a budget.