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Canon Ink Cartridges

If you are looking for a Canon ink cartridge or a Canon bubblejet cartridge, we are well-stocked here at Ink Technologies. We have the best prices, and are ready to ship them right out to you. Simply use the search tool below to get started.

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Canon Ink Cartridges
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    Popular Canon Ink Printer Models

    Canon TM-200 Ink | imagePROGRAF TM-200 Ink Cartridge Canon TR7020 Ink | PIXMA TR7020 Ink Cartridge Canon TR7620 Ink | PIXMA TR7620 Ink Cartridge
    Canon 10 Ink | MultiPASS 10 Ink Cartridge Canon 800 Ink | MultiPASS 800 Ink Cartridge Canon B100 Ink | Fax B100 Ink Cartridge
    Canon B110 Ink | Fax B110 Ink Cartridge Canon B115 Ink | Fax B115 Ink Cartridge Canon B120 Ink | Fax B120 Ink Cartridge
    Canon B180 Ink | Fax B180 Ink Cartridge Canon B210 Ink | Fax B210 Ink Cartridge Canon B215C Ink | FAXPHONE B215C Ink Cartridge
    Canon B230 Ink | Fax B230 Ink Cartridge Canon B45 Ink | FAXPHONE B45 Ink Cartridge Canon B540 Ink | FAXPHONE B540 Ink Cartridge
    Canon B550 Ink | FAXPHONE B550 Ink Cartridge Canon B640 Ink | FAXPHONE B640 Ink Cartridge Canon B740 Ink | FAXPHONE B740 Ink Cartridge
    Canon B95 Ink | FAXPHONE B95 Ink Cartridge Canon BJ-30 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-1000 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-1010 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-150 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-2000 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-2010 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-210 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-2100 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-2110 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-2115 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-2120 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-2130 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-240 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-250 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-251 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-255 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-265 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-30 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-3000 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-3010 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-35 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-400 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-4000 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-4100 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-4200 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-4300 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-4400 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-4550 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-4650 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-50 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-5000 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-5100 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-6000 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-6100 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-6200 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-6500 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-70 Ink Cartridges Canon BJC-80 Ink Cartridges
    Canon BJC-8200 Ink Cartridges Canon BN700 Ink Cartridges Canon BN750 Ink Cartridges
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    Canon Ink Cartridges

    As a company, Canon has been around since 1933, when they started in Japan. Obviously, back then, they weren't selling Canon ink cartridges or such – they actually got their start in the photo industry. In fact, the original company name was Seikikogaku Kenkyusho (which, when translated, becomes Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd.) The actual company name we know today comes from their first 35mm camera with a focal plane shutter – they called it the Kwanon. So you can see where they get Canon.

    Printer ink was still a long way off – the company dived into optics and photography, and eventually expanded to other areas, like calculators and office machines. They then embraced printers in a big way, with other companies (like Apple and HP) actually using Canon's print engine.

    With the explosion of home computing in the 80's and 90's, it was logical that the company get involved with inkjet printing. And indeed, Canon has become one of the leaders in this industry, with printers and canon inkjet cartridges dominating store shelves. In fact, Canon went as far as to call their line "bubblejet" in reference to how the ink makes its way onto the paper. This leads to a bit of confusion, as the product name sometimes overshadows the company – for example, buying a canon ink cartridge and a bubblejet ink cartridge is the same thing.

    The Canon inkjet cartridge is also widely used in photo printing which is something Canon has embraced (being in the photo business, the company saw the digital pictures revolution sooner than most.) Canon photo printers utilize a feature called Chromalife, which prints photos that will last for an extremely long time before fading (hundreds of years, by the company's estimation.) This is another naming convention as well – "Chromalife ink cartridges" get searched for (and we have them!)

    In fact, we have all manner of Canon inkjet cartridges, so no matter what type of Canon printer ink you need, we can ship it out the same day. Ink Technologies also carries both OEM and compatible / recycled ink cartridges, which we sell at a deep discount (with a full guarantee as well – they will work for your Canon printer, and work well.) We guarantee your satisfaction, and our A+ Better Business bureau rating is a testament to our commitment to our customers. Just use the robust search tool above to get started, and as always, thank you for shopping with us.

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