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Canon C5000 Ink, MultiPASS C5000 Ink Cartridges

Canon C5000 Printer Review

By the mid 1990s, printer technology had begun to get smaller and lighter with bigger features. The Canon Multipass C5000 was an attempt by Canon to integrate an inkjet printer, fax machine, copier and scanner into one unit. It was small enough to more than half the space required by separate devices. Print speeds are around four pages per minute for black and up to two pages per minute for color, which were fast at the time of first production. Canon Multipass C5000 ink prices were comparable to other manufacturers.

Another thing that was beginning to improve was resolution. The Canon C5000 ink cartridges put out a resolution of 720x360 dpi for clear text prints and impressive, for its day, color reproductions in print mode. It weighs in at 12.3 pounds and is 15.8" x 4.2" x 8.1" in dimensional size making it easy to place. The copier function will take about 30 seconds to print the first copy and at about three pages per minute up to 99 copies. Faxes will transmit at 6 pages per minute and the scanner will copy an 8.5" banner up to 39.3 inches long. The Canon C5000 ink cartridges are common to many Canon models and good for up to 900 pages for black and 100 for color.

A common parallel interface and a phone line link everything up. Computer requirements are Windows 95 up and Mac operating systems. The Canon C5000 ink cartridges are standard across many models, but they are a little costlier due to a lot of printer ink usage.

In its day, the Canon C5000 inkjet office machine garnered a loyal following among users. Though no expert reviews remain, some owner opinions are mentioned at They generally raved about its durability and lack of problems but claimed printer ink consumption was a little high. Price was said to be a good value. A good price and multiple talents have former owners lamenting that this machine is no longer available for purchase.