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Canon C3500 Ink, MultiPASS C3500 Ink Cartridges

Canon C3500 Printer Review

The Canon C3500 is almost a clone of its predecessor the C3000 and appears to be a fresher model. Most of the changes are internal. Print speeds remain at 6.5 pages per minute for black and 2.5 pages per minute for color. The size is small and the weight is light. The Canon C3500 ink is priced at a point ideal for small offices, home users or education use. This machine eliminates the need for multiple office machines, as it is also a scanner, copier and fax.

With a trim size of 15.8 x 14.2 x 7.8 inches, the C3500 can accommodate most office printing needs. It is designed to accept most types of 8.5-inch wide media, and it is designed specifically for office applications. Crafters and artists should get a standalone printer. The Canon C3500 ink cartridges and resolution of 720x360 dpi will result in nice text and acceptable prints. The black cartridge makes about 900 text pages, while the color cartridge averages about 100 pages, according to the manufacturer. The 15.4 kb per second fax transmission speeds up faxing times. The C3500 is a solidly built unit for a reasonable price.

A parallel hookup brings data from the computer to allow for printer function. Mac and Windows platforms are a match for this unit. The attractive feature of this machine is the ability to provide a "one size fits all" unit to maximize office space. The Canon C3500 inkjet cartridges are designed for office printing and are priced specifically for the office user.

Multifunction machines like the Canon C3500 inkjet printer-fax-scanner combo are not always well received by the tech community because they do not excel in all areas. The consensus is that one function will outshine the others. An review said that this unit is relatively slow, thirsty, and gives so-so print quality. But, for the price it performs well.