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  • BJC-4300
Canon BJC-4300 Ink Cartridge

Canon BJC-4300 Printer Review

Third in its series, the Canon BJC4300 increases print speeds to 5 pages per minute for black and a full 2 pages per minute for color. It also has sharper resolution. In addition to this, it has available an optional scanner cartridge and photo print capabilities with special ink. It is still the same size as its sister printers the BJC4100 and BJC4200 - small and light. The same target user as its predecessors will find the increased versatility a big plus when they upgrade. The BJC4300 ink is reasonably priced as well.

At a trim 7.7 pounds and 15.1 x 9.1 x 8.0 inches, the Canon BJC4300 is a handy desktop size. Increased resolution to 720 x 360 dpi adds a new level of clarity in prints. Compared to other printers, the upfront costs and efficient BJC4300 ink cartridges kept it at the top of the recommended list. It will accept various thicknesses of media, transparencies, envelopes and cardstock with ease.

The available Canon BJC4300 inkjet cartridges have page yields of 900 pages per minute for black, 100 for color and about 50 for photo. The print head is rated to a 2,000-page duty cycle. The addition of the scanner cartridge option and photo capability moved this printer into a higher level of usage. Windows and Mac platforms both seamlessly work with this model. A common parallel interface allows for easy set up.

Compared with similar printers of the period, the Canon BJC4300 inkjet printer was a player on the sophisticated end of the group. With comparably lower cost and efficient inkjet capability, this printer always got good reviews. PC World gave it high marks for being good even on cheap paper and achieving "true color" prints. Though not designed for volume work, this unit has great capabilities in small volume work.